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Builder Sales and Marketing

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My Expertise is New Home Sales and Marketing.
Grand Openings / Turnaround Sales & Marketing / Consulting

Sales to Completion !!!

On-Site Infield Consulting / I plan and execute grand openings and troubleshoot problem projects. I do not beat around the bush trying new ideas, but provide leadership needed to generate sales to completion quickly with ease. 

If sales are slow on any particular project; if you are not satisfied with the way things look or with the way things are going; if you want a new sales and marketing plan (fresh, energizing, executed with vigor) or a new sales staff (motivated, focused) call to arrange my visit. I'll look at your projects wherever they may be, determine their needs from the point of view of an outside expert, and help you turn things around fast.

I will brand your projects with such a strong “Image of Success” their power of attraction will be irresistible. I will establish sales programs and procedures that get results.

Experience that Counts.

I live in southern California. It is the region within which I gained my experience and evolved my expertise. I continue to serve clients there as well as the sales and marketing needs of clients throughout the US and Canada.

When I visit a project, I bring the whole sales and marketing team with me. Since I am the graphic artist that created every ad on this website, and the designer and creator of every brochure and sign shown, and the writer of most all initial feature stories and PR; and because I direct all merchandising, model all sales offices for efficient selling, hire and train the sales staff, organize the documents, plan the sales and marketing budget and place advertising; with computer in hand where I go the team goes too.

If a builder had projects anywhere the world over experiencing sales and marketing difficulties he could send me and “the team” in for turnaround consultation, strategic planning and -- implementation to effect change  -- virtually overnight.

As to southern California I am reminded of the refrain from New York, New York, “If you can make it there, you can make it anywhere.” Southern California is considered to be the most competitive market in the nation relative to new home sales. It is within that market that I honed my skills and have led the clients I’ve worked with and their projects to the top of the market in sales irrespective of the time in the market or the marketplace within which we were selling.

To establish credibility with you as a sales and marketing professional I'd like to share with you a resume of sorts, the breadth of my experience in the southern California market from which you can draw a conclusion about my ability to fill your needs wherever located.

Sometimes there’s nothing better than the opinion of an outside expert: one versed on the subject; one detached from the object; one eager to prove the value of his knowledge. I can be that expert for you.

Everybody Starts Somewhere / My first experience selling new homes involved the turnaround sales and marketing of a ninety-eight unit townhome project in Santa Ana, Cambridge Green Townhomes, for Duayne Christiansen, President of Newport Equities Trust of Newport Beach. Cambridge Green had been on the market for some time prior to my taking over sales, but without success. The sales and marketing plan I created and executed on the project, even though I was new to new home sales, helped it become the number one selling project in Orange County.

That success snowballed. Other builders began asking me to work for them and though I had for some time been a top producing resell agent within Orange County’s largest Realtor association I found new home sales and marketing to be so exciting, creatively satisfying, and financially rewarding that I decided to specialize in subdivision sales and marketing within a couple years of my first experience.

I am proud to have sold most every type of housing: entry level, middle range and high-end homes and condos; ranch units; stacked units; lots; mobile homes; mobile home lots; manufactured homes; senior housing and master planned communities; many hundreds of projects in all.

I have called my company the "Instead of..." marketing company for many years. Instead of hiring a different agency for each element of subdivision sales and marketing required to succeed, a builder can work with my company alone. I take care of every phase of marketing. Whatever needs to be done to improve sales immediately, gets done, Fast!

Some Clients Past and Present / Mark Gardner of the Gardner Construction and Development Company is one of the Inland Empire's most outstanding independent builders. I am privileged to have been the Advertising Agency of record and Broker of record for Mark on many projects. Among them were the Morning Dove Homes and Parkside Homes in Loma Linda; Brookside Homes, Crescent View Estates and Casalingo Estates in Redlands; City Creek Homes, Highland Park Homes and Highland Crossroads in Highland; the New Moreno Valley Homes in Moreno Valley; the Rancho San Bernardino Homes, San Bernardino Woods I and II, and Foothill Estates in San Bernardino; representing many thousands of home owners in all. The 142 unit Rancho San Bernardino Homes and the 48 unit Foothill Estates projects were each designated the “#1” selling projects in San Bernardino County.

Chuck Hobbs of ITI Construction and Mark Mitchell, owner of Southwest Development and The Sierra Nevada Investment Company, are active builders in the South Bay Area. I have completed the sale of hundreds of units for them at Cambridge Court, The Dodge Street Condos, Torrance Park Villas and Sea Crest Estates in Harbor City, Torrance and Carson. My responsibilities included both marketing and sales.

Jim and Tom Wynne of the Wynne Construction Company in Rancho Palos Verdes are terrific builders and have been clients for nearly three decades. Acting as the advertising agency and Broker of record I have completed the sale of many projects for them. Among them were 67 units at the Laurelwood Estates and 119 units at the Colony Park Townhomes in Carson as well as projects in Paramount, Downey, and Chino Hills: 82 units at the Country Club Villas and Estates adjacent the Los Serranos Golf and Country Club.

The Country Club Estates came on the market just prior to the sub-prime mortgage crash of 2008. To ensure and achieve sales at the Estates, I implemented two proprietary sales and marketing programs that I had been nurturing for a couple of decades: a unique program for selling to the "International" community and "Sale-By-Auction" marketing at the same time. In spite of the market for new home sales in southern California having fallen to practically zero immediately following the sub-prime mortgage crash, the Estates sold at the top of the market (no major price reductions) at a rate that earned the project the "Top of Sales" position in San Bernardino County for some time running.

One of my favorite experiences was with Don Buhler of the Buhler Construction Company of Costa Mesa. I did the turnaround sales and marketing on a 177 unit project in Redlands known as "The Redlands" for Don and his son Chris. It came to be known throughout southern California as the most successful manufactured housing project of the year. Once while interviewing with a prospective client who had a project similar to Buhler’s, at one point during our talk while looking at materials I used to market Buhler’s project he fell back into his chair aghast at something. Then, finally, he said “So you’re the guru that turned that project around.” To this day I consider that to be one of the nicest compliments I have ever received.

Turnaround marketing is one of my most enjoyed activities. I helped Jay Andrews of Andrew Homes, for example, turnaround a dead in the water project known as Peterson Ranch in Templeton. After having been on the market for eighteen months prior to my program with only a few sales, I sold most of 66 custom home sites in less than a year.

In Temecula, I consulted on sales and did the turnaround marketing for Tierra Brisa, 128 single family homes, for Gene Barrow of Barrinson Development in Irvine; and in Fullerton, I did the turnaround marketing for the super successful Fountains of Fullerton, a 144 unit senior citizen project built by Don Zellner of Zellner Communities of Costa Mesa. I also helped Mr. Zellner closeout The Crossing, 29 condominiums in Fullerton as well.

Magdy Hanna of Newport Pacific Development has been a customer of mine for many years. I've sold and consulted on many projects for him, projects including the Park Villas series and Flowertree Condominiums throughout Garden Grove and Santa Ana: many hundreds of units. My responsibilities always include both marketing and sales.

I have sold a number of projects for banks. One S&L I sold for was North American Savings & Loan: 295 condos at Summertree in San Jose and 34 single family homes at Wellington Terrace in Grand Terrace. I sold Ardmore Terrace, 134 condominiums in Redlands, and Orchard Heights, 41 single family homes on half-acre lots in Riverside for Signal Hill Savings and Loan as well as projects for Union Bank.

I created all of the marketing for a project called "The Farm" for Wayne Odekirk in Lake Elsinore at which we sold nearly 900 units during a seven year period: lots, manufactured housing, mobile homes and stick-built homes. The key to the great success we achieved was the "Creating" of markets as opposed to the mere "Encountering" of markets.

I sold Oak Tree Downs, a custom home site development for Union Oil Company’s Moreland Development. Oak Tree Downs required extensive turnaround marketing after having lain dormant for many years. In spite of its history, I was able to help it become a great success during its first year back on the market by closing out the sale of 24 custom home lots in less than twelve months during a very tough time in the market. A lot of work flowed from that success.

I did the closeout marketing for the last two phases of sales at the 259 lot Sea Pointe Estates development in San Juan Capistrano for Robert Pack of Zocala Development. Mr. Pack is one of the Southland's premier custom home builders. The closeout program I created to finish sales at this premier project was an all-original sale-by-sealed-bid program designed to get the highest prices possible from among an extensive interest list developed over more than a year during site development; served up by an Investment Sale Prospectus designed to overcome some serious drawbacks to even buying a lot in South Orange County at the time. The result was what I believe to this date has been the most successful lot sale program in the Southland: 100% of sales over-the-top, at the top of the market plus twenty-five to fifty percent over asking price.

I coordinated marketing and conducted the sale of 227 houses for Jay McGlaughlin and Ted Foley of the Foley Construction Company: Crest DeVille, 89 single family homes in Riverside; and Terracina, 138 condominiums in Walnut. The grand opening and sellout activities of Crest DeVille were a tremendous success in spite of the downturn in the market at the time. The condominium sales activities were likewise a tremendous success even though that project was a takeover, a turnaround assignment that I fulfilled to completion.

If I keep digging I'll turn up clients and projects from the mid to late '70s, the Marinacci/Lindborg Development company for example, a company managed and operated by Gene Marinacci, Lenny Lindborg and David Dahl. They were a dominant independent builder in Central Orange County at the time building approximately twenty mid-range projects, mostly condos, known as the Marlinda Estates: many hundreds of units in all. Though early in my career I was privileged to handle all advertising, merchandising and sales on each of their projects. We experienced enormous success. I continue today to use many programs, tools, tactics and procedures evolved out of my experience then and will always be thankful for the leverage they gave me to be creative and to do things mostly my way.

No Project is too Small or too Big / Around and about the Southland I have closed out projects large and small from Fontana to Temecula and San Marcos to Calabasas: one was a 25 unit single family home project in Fontana for Salman Rabie of Award Homes of California in Westwood. It was the fastest selling project in the Fontana area because of a unique program I implemented that created demand in East L.A. for homes in Fontana. Another was in Temecula where I consulted on sales and created turnaround marketing for Barclay Heights, 160 single family homes for Gary Dix of Dix Development.

In Cardiff by the Sea I helped Jim Barisic of the Brandywine Development Company turnaround a high-end development of semi-custom homes known as Cardiff Glen by creating a unique marketing and selling strategy that sold and closed all of its 26 million-dollar properties during an eleven month period. The project had been for sale for nearly two years prior to my assuming the sales and marketing responsibility. Sales up to that time were flat, actually zero. I consider this one of the outstanding "turnaround" experiences of my career.

Along that line, I assumed the responsibility for sales and marketing at Rio Del Sol, a long on the market master planned community in Cathedral City for Damon Siskin of Siskin Associates Development Company. Though the project had four standing model complexes and standing inventory in three of the four independent developments within the compound, sales were flat, actually zero again in spite of nearly two year's effort at sales by various sales and marketing vendors. Once associated I implemented a number or proprietary turnaround sales and marketing strategies that resulted in checks for the reservation and sale of more than a hundred units during my first ninety-days on the project. The once dead-in-the-water project was designated a top seller in the Coachella Valley and, again, was for me one of the outstanding "turnaround" experiences of my career.

To all my good friends and clients past I say, "Let's get together and do it again."

In Conclusion.

Reviewing references is one way to get to know a person professionally, but no way at all to gain the benefit of his or her experience. The best way to get to know me and gain the benefit of my subdivision sales and marketing experience is by calling for a visit. We'll talk real estate, sales and marketing, and go from there.

Even from one meeting, you and anyone in attendance will gain a new perspective on the sales and marketing process and learn a number of techniques for immediately doubling sales, and, for doubling them again over time.

My expertise is the outgrowth of hands-on experience spanning six-decades as of 2020 and the successful closeout of many hundreds of projects for builders all across the California southland and within other states and regions.

I plan and execute grand openings and troubleshoot problem projects. I do not beat around the bush trying new ideas -- No Wildcatting on My Time -- but provide the leadership needed to generate sales on my clients' projects, Now!

This website represents a brief overview of my overall program, philosophy and approach to builder sales and marketing. Call direct any time to talk.

Thank You.

Al Lewis
Marketing Professional Since 1975

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